Welcome, I am Alice.


*Reiki Master-Teacher-Practitioner since 1999.

*URRI 2002 Reiki with Master Doi from Japan

*Japanese Reiki Techniques Training with Arjava Petter in 2000

*Member in good standing of the CRA, Canadian Reiki Association since 1999

*Registered Karuna ReikiĀ® Master with the International Center of Reiki Training

*Professional Teachings in; Usui Reiki Master, Karuna ReikiĀ® Master, Sacred Flame Reiki Master, Seichim Reiki Master, Sacred Breathe Master, Gendai Reiki Master

Reiki Sessions
1 Hour(s) session ------ $56.00

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Courses

1st Degree Reiki
2 full day, attunement, manual and certificate with lineage printed
$260.00 Cdn

2nd Degree Reiki
2 full day, attunement, manual and certificate with lineage printed
$285.00 Cdn

3rd Degree Reiki (Master level)
3 full days, attunement, manual and certificate with lineage printed

$575.00 Cdn

What is Reiki?

Reiki is not a form of control, is not a cult, religion, continue below for the full depth informationals about Reiki and what is Reiki.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that is done by Reiki practitioners who put their hands above the energy centers on the body and let the Universal Life Force Energy flow through her/him out their palms and into the recipient. Reiki will bring the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues of the person into greater balance.

What is the difference between healing and curing someone with Reiki?

One can receive healing but may not be cured of a physical ailment. When Reiki heals it restores balance to the body, but the cause of the illness still might be within. So, we can't say that one is cured. An emotional issue may be causing a physical symptom and until that emotional issue is solved by the owner, the physical symptoms may still appear or reappear and may not be cured.

Are there some illnesses that Reiki can't be used on?

Reiki can be used on all illnesses. Many clients have experienced accelerated healing. Reiki reduces stress and pain. Chemo and radiation patients notice a decrease in side effects from treatment. It also has allowed individuals to depart from this earth with resolution and a state of peace. That doesn't mean that everyone who experiences Reiki will be cured. Reiki will help to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit and can relieve or even remove symptoms. It is always the recipients belief and intention to heal that allows the process to happen. It is the recipients choice to heal. It took a long time for some illnesses to develop and may take time and patience for them to heal.

What do I have to do to receive a distant reiki session?

There is nothing to do. The distant reiki session will arrive no matter what you will be doing, so just go about your life. All that is needed is the practitioner's intent to send one and the recipient's permission to receive. It is the same for distant attunements, as long as permission has been given, they will arrive.

How does the distant reiki session work?

It is the practitioners focus and intent to send the energy to the person requesting reiki that makes it happen. The practitioner uses one of the symbols (taught in Level ll Reiki) that is specifically used for sending distant energy. The energy can be sent at a specific time or the practitioner sends it to happen when the recipient wants to receive it. A distant treatment is usually shorter than in person (20-30 min). The energy can be sent to help specific problems in the present, past or in the future.

What can I feel during a distant session?

You can feel heat, tingling, coldness or may have some visual experiences. All are normal. If nothing is felt that does not mean the treatment was unsuccessful. Reiki will heal, if nothing is felt that means that Reiki was working on some issues other than physical.

Can I request a distant healing for someone else?

Yes you can. In situations however where the person needing the healing can't be asked their permission to send Reiki, many practitioners will not send Reiki unless permission is received from the person needing the reiki. Nothing is forced on someone who may not wish the energy or healing. Everyone's wishes must be respected. In that case a prayer can be sent their way.

I have heard about a 21 day cleansing process that follows Reiki? What happens?

After a Reiki session or attunement you may experience some physical, emotional, mental or spiritual complaints as the body goes through a 21 day cleansing process (or you may notice nothing). Issues, old patterns, beliefs may come up to be challenged and as this happens new understandings will bring in a new foundation. Issues are being healed on every level of your being. Releasing and letting go, letting go and releasing with love. Usually there is a lesson of what we release; take the lesson as experience and knowledge. It is good not to judge what is being released. Just release and let go.