Pampering Day Specials with light lunch are also available.


Helpful Tips

*Logics DNA System provides shimmering, precise colour tones, perfect tonal purity, digitally calibrated precisely
balanced to provide exact colour that leaves your crowning glory feeling the best that has ever been.

*The Ion Cleanse is a purification system that acts on the whole body to remove toxic build up. The Ion producing technology generates positive and negative Ions (charged atoms). Approximately 70% of our bodies are made up of water.

Quick Contact

Name: Alice Creighton

Phone: (905)772-5965



E-Mail: alicemarie@reikioneness.com

Design Services

Hair Design & Esthetics by Alice / Reiki Centres is connected to professional people in the following fields;

Web design, graphic design, Java, Html, MySQL, PHP, Visual Basic C++ and many other programming languages.

If you are interested in design or development, allow us to forward you to our affiliates for a affordable and quick quote.

Contact: Service@Sunsetgaming.net


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Certifications, Awards, Recognitions

*Member in good standing of the CRA

*Registered Karuna Reiki® Master with the International Center of Reiki Training

*Logics Master Colourist


*Seasonal Colour Analysis

*Make-up Application and many of the Esthetic Skin Care areas

*Clipper Cutting, Perming

*Accomplishments of Symptomatology

and many more...